07 November, 2009

Southern Manitoba Road Trip & Koino's Woodcutter Retreat

Whenever my friend Conrad and I head out to camp for the weekend, we like to explore as many back roads as possible. On this occasion, we headed down very scenic highway 23, past the massive wind farm at St. Leon, Manitoba, and then off along gravel roads through the Pembina Valley. Once we got to the camp, we spent the rest of the weekend helping cut, split, & stack a year's worth of firewood at the camp's annual Woodcutter Retreat.


Blogger Ben & Andrea said...

Wow, that wood splitter looks like danger! We still split it the old fashioned way at our farm. I don't know if it's any safer, but at least you can make the joke about the firewood warming you twice. Everyone loves that joke.

I just finished reading "The Winter Of Our Discontent". I don't know if you're a fan of the book or just the pun, but it was amazing.

Cool video.

08 November, 2009  

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