26 December, 2005

Christmas Tree Disposal

Happy Boxing Day everyone!

I'm sure that some of you will be taking your Christmas trees down shortly, and although many of you will be recycling your trees - having them ground up for mulch - I thought I'd share with you another option to consider.

Last year, my friend, whom I will refer to as "Bill" (although his real name is Carl), waited until spring to dispose of his Christmas tree. Once the snow had melted off of "Bill's" lawn, we took his tree and stood it in his outdoor fire pit. With just a small squirt of Coleman camp fuel in the fire pit, "Bill" backed up a few feet & flicked a match at the base of the tree.

Now, rather than me trying to describe the events from that point on, I think it would be better if y'all just watched the video that I shot that night. Keep in mind that the lawn was saturated with water from the melted snow, we had a garden hose nearby, and I think one or two of us were even muttering, "Stop, Drop, & Roll... Stop, Drop, & Roll..." to ourselves. Yes indeed, we had all aspects of safety concerns covered.

I asked "Bill" about his plans for this year's tree. He's still mulling things over.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend of mine has an annual Tree Burning party at the fire pits on the beach. The lifeguards don't mind as long as everything is kept in the pits. Good fun for an hour or two.

28 December, 2005  
Anonymous luke said...


17 April, 2006  

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