29 December, 2005

Vids R Go!

I had originally posted my Christmas Tree Disposal video on Google Video, but since it takes sooooo long for Google to approve & put videos live, I have switched to YouTube.com
I had no idea when I made my Christmas Tree Disposal post back on Boxing Day that it would take so long for my video to be made accessible. I figured a couple hours, tops.

Here's the YouTube version:

While I'm back on this topic, I should mention that yesterday, my dad paid a visit to the local Christmas tree recycling depot, and made off with a dozen trees. He tells me that there were tons of un-used trees dumped there, still tied up from the farm. Makes me think I should switch to the Gregorian Calendar so I could celebrate Christmas on its December 25th which, on our Julian Calendar, falls on January 7th. That way I could score a free tree every year, not to mention the great deals to be had at after Christmas sales(on the Julian Calendar, that is)!

Anyhow, dad's got his dozen trees arranged through-out the yard, transforming it into a nice little faux forest. Come spring, I've got dibs on them though! Technically I suppose they're "hot" already.

When I mentioned my family's abundance of used Christmas trees to my friend, whom I'll refer to as "Frank" (although his real name is Conrad), he offered the use of his family's farm as a disposal site this year. Good old "Frank", such a helpful guy. Of course we've gotta invite "Bill" along when we do this!



Anonymous Keri said...

I hope the deer appreciate all the thought and work you have put into the backyard trees.

07 January, 2006  
Blogger Rick said...

Oh, I'm sure the deer do. They seem to be hanging around more.

07 January, 2006  
Anonymous Frank said...

Did I forget to mention the already existing big pile to burn the Trees on top of? Its like twenty feet across and ten feet hight the last time I put more wood on it!

17 January, 2006  

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