22 January, 2006

Space Robot in 3D

The Science Folktion music super-group, the secondhandpants, have been occasionally joined in their jams by that funky hunk o' junk, Space Robot. The only hitch was that Space Robot lacked corporeal form. During live performances of the secondhandpants, Space Robot was only able to provide his vocal stylings after being contacted via the communicatron.

To remedy this situation, Curt (aka Francis Leonard) & I set out to build a machine that Space Robot could download his morose self into. It had to be a good fit though if we ever wanted Space Robot to reside in this form, so we had to do some research.

Fortunately we discovered this ancient glyph (the one to the left) of Space Robot. We now had a blueprint for his preferred appearance. Then, drawing upon Curt's artistic vision, and my technical know-how, we amassed & assembled all the exotic metals, high-tech electronic gizmos, and musical doodads needed to create a terrestrial body for Space Robot.

After many hours of toiling in our lab; after the laser-like focusing of our combined creative genius; after much blood, sweat and mint/rooibos tea; Space Robot now has a physical presence in our dimension!

Space Robot could barely bear waiting to try out his shiny new body. As soon as he had downloaded himself into it, he burst forth into song! Luckily I had my camera handy so I shot a video clip of his first thirty seconds with the new body.

Check out this short video clip of the newly minted Space Robot singing the Space Robot Blues! The song features Space Robot on lead vocals, Francis Leonard on ukulele, and Wyll Maynard on warshtub bass & background vocals (and I mean waaaay background vocals).

After getting a shiny new coat of paint, Space Robot is looking better than ever! We sat down with him recently for a quick visit. He kindly shared with us, his broad emotional range:





Melancholia; and finally,


Watch for Space Robot to be performing with the secondhandpants at this year's Menno Folk at the WestEnd Cultural Centre this February!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG - I can't get that song out of my head!

10 March, 2006  

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