22 February, 2006

It's The Same Old Thing Every Day

Long ago, in the ancient times of 2001, my friend Jesse & I embarked upon a bold mission. We set out to create an animated short movie that truly reflected the nature of human existence. Armed with only two tubs of Playdough, a 2 mega pixel digital camera, and too much time on our hands, we hand crafted a piece of cinematic history!

Now, it is my proud privilege to share with you - our adoring fans - the masterpiece that Jesse & I created that fateful evening so long ago. Ladies & gentlemen, I present It's the Same Old Thing Every Day. Enjoy....



Anonymous skari said...

Hmmmmmm- You can do all these amazing things, but still a traditional wedding gift takes almost 15 years now to make.

26 February, 2006  

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