10 August, 2006

Baffle The Bird Of Death

The WhizBang Shufflers - Baffle The Bird Of Death has been emancipated!

After much hard work - the least of which was actually recording the songs - we have finished the album. We've put together several hundred CDs & are now looking for good homes for them to go to. If you want one of these hard copies, the guys & I all have them, so if you run into any of us, feel free to ask for one.

The WhizBang Shufflers - Baffle The Bird Of Death is also available for free download from our website: folkjam.com. You may choose to download each song individually, or you may download a Zip file containing the entire album, complete with PDF files of the CD case inserts. The insert files are also available on their own. Download the music, burn it onto a CD-R, print out the inserts, slap all of that into your own CD jewel case, and voilĂ , you've got yourself a free copy of our album.

So go ahead and get your free copy. Send your friends to get their own copies too!

Hope y'all enjoy listing to our music!!



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