18 October, 2006

Fall Festival 2006

Every Autumn, Evansville's Westside Nut Club throws the second largest street festival in the United States. Actually, since Mardi Gras was scaled way back following hurricane Katrina, this year's Fall Festival - Evansville's 85th - may well have been the largest. Woo hoo!

Now even though I lived in Evansville for three years, I had never really gone to the Fall Festival. For shame, I know. Where else can one buy a deep-fried pig brain sandwich? Or an Icky-Licky (that's your choice of a cricket, cockroach, or scorpion embedded in a lollipop)? Uh, I just remembered why I didn't attend before.

Anyhow, since my annual trip back to Evansville coincided with the festival this year, and because it was Paula's birthday, I went to The Fall Festival... but just for the rides. Having gotten a little green in the gills last time I rode carnival rides, I skipped supper and took some Dramamine, which seemed to help.

We had a blast on all the rides. Here is a video of it all:


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