27 February, 2006

Quinzee Instructable

Perhaps as a possible upgrade to the frosty accommodation mentioned in the title of this blog, I've created a page at instructables.com demonstrating how to make a quinzee. Please check it out!

Actually, in the process, we ended up building two conjoined quinzees, connected by a tunnel. That kept the second quinzee further removed from the light coming in the entrance. With it's floor scraped down to the lake ice, and a corresponding patch of ice exposed on the south side of the quinzee, the sunlight shone up through the floor in a pale green light!

We had a terrific time out at Camp Koinonia the other weekend. The weather was perfect for playing outside all day. We had clear sunny skies, almost no wind, and temperatures of about -10°C. Beautiful!


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22 February, 2006

It's The Same Old Thing Every Day

Long ago, in the ancient times of 2001, my friend Jesse & I embarked upon a bold mission. We set out to create an animated short movie that truly reflected the nature of human existence. Armed with only two tubs of Playdough, a 2 mega pixel digital camera, and too much time on our hands, we hand crafted a piece of cinematic history!

Now, it is my proud privilege to share with you - our adoring fans - the masterpiece that Jesse & I created that fateful evening so long ago. Ladies & gentlemen, I present It's the Same Old Thing Every Day. Enjoy....


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05 February, 2006

The Move To "YouTube"

I've just moved my previously posted videos over to YouTube.com from Google Video. The reason for the switch was that Google always took several days to approve my videos before making them available for viewing. With YouTube, not only are my videos made live pretty much instantly, but I can embed them into my blog so now y'all don't have to link-out to watch them! The quality seems to be better too since, unlike Google, YouTube doesn't expand my videos to sizes larger than I submitted them.

I hope this change will work well for all of you who visit my blog. If you have troubles viewing any of my videos, please let me know. You can fire off an email or just hit the comment button at the bottom of each of my postings and let me know what's up.

By the way, since I was uploading all of the videos again anyhow, I posted versions with music. They are no longer silent movies! Makes things much more dramatic with the musical accompaniment. Be sure to check them out!


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