30 September, 2008

I've been published!

Okay, granted I am not the author if the entire book, however pages 50 to 52 of The Hungry Scientist Handbook by Lily Binns & Patrick Buckley cover my Microwavable Mitten Warmers! The text is a paraphrasing of my Instructable, and the photos demonstrating the project are mine as well (thanks for the help with that Orlando!).

Boy, for something I did as a lark one Saturday afternoon, creating this Instructable sure has paid off! First it was won the prestigious Project of the Month (one of ten projects so rated) which scored me a Leatherman tool & a T-shirt - both with the Instructables logo on them. Then a while later, Lily Binns contacted me about including my project in a book she was working on. That deal scored me a couple of hundred bucks and free copy of the book which just arrived today! Shweet.

If y'all are interested in buying a copy of Lily's book for yourselves, you can get it through Amazon.


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