27 December, 2008

Late Night Boxing Day Ride

Boxing Day 2008: Carl, Colin, Conrad, Mark, Orlando, & I headed out on another late night bike ride. We had originally intended to go cruising residential streets to look at all the Christmas lights, however we ended up spending most of the ride down on the frozen Assiniboine River.

When we were tobogganing at Omand's Creek the night before, we noticed that the skating trail on the river has been cleared already. It still needs a bit of work before it'll be ready for skating, but it looked perfect for cycling on. The weather was perfect for spending time outside! After a long bout of cold weather, it was great to have things warm up to -12°C.

All six of us were quite festooned with lights. Several of us are now sporting Planet Bike Super Flash Rear Lights, which are incredibly bright! Orlando had just mounted a pair of insanely powerful Planet Bike Blaze 1 Watt LED Headlights on his bike. You'll definitely know which is his bike in the opening of the video.

We began our ride in the heart of Wolseley, and we headed west to Omand's Creek where we accessed the Assiniboine River. After exploring how far west the river trail has been cleared so far (nearly up to the Route 90 overpass), we headed back to Omand's creek then up & over the pedestrian/train bridge to Wellington Crescent. The sound of Christmas music lured us up Ash Street which we took before heading east on Kingsway Avenue, which ends back at Wellington as well as the river by Munson Park.

We took a quick spin through the park, a short jaunt east on the sidewalk of Wellington to the Hugo Park dock to access the river once again. We rode the ice down to The Forks; the furthest east we ventured. By this time we had acquired a bit of a thirst & appetite so we headed back up the river to Osborne to go to Papa George's for a late night snack. Following that, it was a quick ride back to our starting point in Wolseley.

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