09 December, 2013

What's Blue & Sticky? ME!!

My friend Curt and I have established a fine Halloween tradition over that past four or five years; we get together at his house in West Broadway, spend some time working on a creative project of some sort (usually a prop for a movie or some such thing), have supper, hand out candy in costume, and then watch a zombie movie.

This year, with just a couple of days until Halloween, I was feeling a bit pressed to come up with a costume.  I had considered fabricating a large plastic globe into a deep-sea diver's helmet but that would be too big a challenge to complete over the few evenings I had to work on it. Instead I pulled out a few lengths of electroluminescent wire and made myself this costume:

It used three 3-metre lengths of blue el-wire, each with its own power pack.  One length was enough for the legs and feet, another length made up the arms and hands, while the third piece was used for the face and spine.

I made the head out of a cheap Halloween mask from the dollar store, to which I taped a disc of cardboard covered in black paper.  The el-wire was then attached to that with clear packing tape (where I wanted it to be seen) and black gaffer's tape (where I wanted it to be masked).  The rest of the el-wire was simply taped to a black turtleneck, and a pair of black cargo pants using clear packing tape.

Just before my two young friends - the girls at the end of the video - came trick-or-treating, I went outside into a dark area beside the house and waited for them to come up the walk.  When they came into sight, I started waving to them and danced my way toward them. They were duly (and dually) impressed, reassuring me that it was indeed an effective costume!

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